“Worked my Fingers to the Bone”

The following piece displays a likeness of four of my fingers.
This is clay and paint on canvas. ©2019 Amy D. Williams

Photos courtesy of Rachael McNutt. Her Instagram: @rachael.m2
©2019 Rachael McNutt


“Falling on Deaf Ears”

When ears won’t hear you because people won’t listen, your words are:
“Falling on Deaf Ears”. ©2019 Amy D. Williams

This piece is clay and paint on canvas.

Photos courtesy of Rachael McNutt. Her Instagram: @rachael.m2
©2019 Rachael McNutt

Pile of Ears

It’s been snowing since yesterday and I’m playing with clay for my next art project. Ears, anyone? 😆

Just be Nice!

I have been absent a bit from WordPress due to some family things, but also, I’ve been looking for a job. It seems to be going well, but it is a chore. This time around, I will not settle and so the journey to employment is taking me longer, because I know what I want and I know what type of environment I want to be in.

When I decided to share that with everyone, it brought to mind how people are treating each other online and in person. I don’t get it. Why is everyone so mean? Why is it if I question this that people say stupid things like “deal with it”, get a “thick skin” or “welcome to the real world”. Really?! That just tells me that you are okay with being a jerk and want me to tolerate your behavior. No.

Be nice. People who are nice are not weak, stupid, or naive. They are NICE, good listeners, the ones who will be there for you, etc. I just want to say that if you think it’s okay to treat people like crap and it’s everyone else’s fault for not dealing with it, you’re wrong. Especially if you are an adult. Grow up.

Do not be mad at me or be mean to me if you’re unhappy or in a bad mood. When I smile and laugh it isn’t because I’m ignorant, it’s because I’ve been through a lot in my life and I know how lucky I am to still be here. I do not know how much longer I have on Earth, but I know I’m going to enjoy it before I leave, and so will my kids. I’m not sorry if you don’t like that.

Bye-the-way, I worked my tail off to get to this point. If you’re not willing to put forth the effort to enjoy your life, then don’t be a jerk to those of us who invested the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to get here.

I don’t wonder why so many people are O.D.ing. I wonder, “Why not?” I mean, look at what we go through in a day. When some of us feel like we will never win and we are always being held down, ridiculed, and no one cares, what is life? So how about this: Let’s just be nice to each other!

*steps off soapbox*

To all of my understanding followers, friends, and family: Peace and love to you! I’m grateful for those who are REAL and GENUINE. You folks are rare in this world today, and so am I! 😊

Soul Mate

It’s a heart matter.
It’s a sub-soul matter that starts in the soul and goes deeper still.
The transcendence into a supernatural co-existence that makes you light headed and feel like you’ve left reality, because you have.
You’ve left this world’s superficial concept of reality and plunged into the ethereal pool of loyalty and acceptance.
That is what happens when you find your soul mate.


Bobbing on waves
Deep breaths of serenity

Sky ablaze with orange
Pole awaiting its evening catch

Wrapped in my blanket
Cheeks cool to the touch

Faulkner in my lap
Drifting on water, and in my mind